Food for Thought Cookbook Cover

Cooking Up Support for Schools

Members of the 'College Hill Movie Group' have cooked up a fundraiser featuring a book of tasty recipes contributed by 4J school supporters from all parts of Eugene. They gathered all of the recipes, arranged for the publishing of the cookbooks, and underwrote the publication cost of 1,500 copies so that all of the proceeds from the first printing will benefit EEF in our mission of supporting the 4J school district. Their enthusiasm for this project is contagious! Order your cookbook now, they are going fast!

“Food for Thought: A Taste of Eugene” has a colorful, water-resistant cover, a comb binding that lets the opened book lay flat for ease of reading, and nearly 200 pages of recipes. There is an index by recipe name and another by recipe submitter name. The College Hill Movie Group priced the cookbooks at $15 each, and for an additional $4 each we can mail copies to addresses in the continental United States. These books are for sale now! If you would like to buy one or more please click on the Buy Now button. We use PayPal as our secure online processor and there is an option to change the delivery address if you would like to send a cookbook to someone else. 

Cookbooks are also available at two locations in Eugene for purchase on site, Long's Meat Market (83 E. 28th) and Newman's Fish Company (1545 Willamette Street.) We also accept orders by mail, with a check made out to EEF/Cookbooks for $15.00 plus $4.00 each shipping and handling. Enjoy making delicious meals and supporting students at the same time!

The quality of the book makes it a terrific gift for family members or business clients. If you know of others who may be interested, please let them know about these books. Also, if you know of a location where a poster might be displayed to promote the books, please let us know that as well.