EEF’s Second Grant Application Cycle for School Year 2021-22 is now open! 

The due date for second round of grants for the 2021-22 school year is February 4, 2022. 

Use the form below to submit an application.

We normally receive, score, and award applications from schools and district level programs in the spring for the upcoming school year. However, due to the heavy workload teachers and staff have had during distance and hybrid learning, we delayed the application due date for grants for the 2021-22 school year until the fall, and we are providing two opportunities to apply for standard grant support this year.

Second Round: The due date for the second round of grant applications for 2021-22 is February 4, 2022.
Applications will be reviewed at our February Board Meeting and will be awarded by early March. 

If you received a grant for the 2020-21 school year, please submit the required report: Grant Reporting Form.

Please note: Applications are now received online by filling out the application form below, rather than submitting your answers on a Word document. Both you and your administrator will receive a copy of the grant when it is submitted.

Please read the following guidelines carefully, as some requirements have changed.

EEF Guiding Principles for Grant Funding
For the current year, EEF is prioritizing applications that promote the following:
–Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
–Student Engagement
–Access to Learning

For questions or technical assistance:
Contact EEF at 541-790-7744 or

Watch this instructional video for tips on submitting an EEF grant application.
Application Process

School Applications:

  • Applications from schools must be submitted online. 
  • When you submit your application, your administrator will also receive a copy for ranking purposes. We consider priority among other factors, but it is not a guarantee of funding. 
  • Please Note: Applications will be sent to the applicant, EEF, and the Principal and/or administrator of your school.

District-Level/Departmental Applications:

  • Applications from district-level programs must be submitted online.
  • District-level programs may apply for grants in any amount up to $10,000. These are grants that often provide funding for a significant number of students, across multiple schools. When you submit your application, Charis McGaughy, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, will also receive a copy for ranking purposes.


Grant FAQ
How do I submit an application?
  • Each application must be filled out using the online form at the bottom of this page. Please submit one grant at a time on this form.
  • Administrators will receive a copy of each application submitted from their school/department. They will use a survey to rank the applications submitted.
  • Handwritten grant applications, or applications submitted on old EEF application forms, will not be reviewed. Applications must be submitted online to be eligible for review.
Who writes the grant applications?

Applications and grant reports should be written by teachers or others who are directly engaged in the projects. These submissions tend to have more powerful details, both anecdotal and statistical. The stories that are told in the grant applications and reports are essential to the Foundation’s fundraising efforts and decision-making; therefore, we greatly value the information you share with us.

What should I apply for?
  • For the current year, EEF prioritizes requests that support equity, diversity, and inclusion; student engagement; and/or access to education.
  • Grants may be requested in any amount up to $5,000. Schools may submit up to five grant requests in total. EEF does not guarantee to fund for every school that applies.
  • Applications must align with EEF’s Mission Statement*.
  • Grants that have been requested and funded more than three years in a row must document impact and success to be considered for ongoing funding.
  • *EEF Mission Statement: Promoting educational excellence and opportunities for all students in the Eugene 4J public school district.  
What can I not apply for?

EEF does not fund release time or extended contracts for planning and staff development. We do not fund salaries for regular 4J staff.

What if I want to apply for a technology grant?

If you are applying for a technology grant, prior to submitting your application, you must check the content of your request by contacting Justin Huntley ( and Misty Jackson ( in the district’s Instructional Technology Department. Technology grants that are submitted without following this process will not be considered.

What is EEF’s giving limit?

Schools will receive a maximum of $5,000 for standard (excluding urgent) grant applications. Beginning FY 2020-21, EEF will be giving funding priority to schools who rank higher on the needs index. This means schools that rank lower on the needs index may not be awarded at the maximum amount.

How are grant applications reviewed?

A grant scoring rubric is used to review grants submitted to EEF. Please click HERE to see EEF’s rubric.