The EEF Urgent Needs Grant Application Cycle for School Year 2022-23 is now open.

Use the form below to submit an application.

2022-23 Urgent Grants: For the third year, EEF will accept grant applications on a rolling, needs-based basis to address needs that are deep, immediate, and isolated. Psychological and physical safety underpin student success and EEF strives to support education for all 4J students.

Please note: the due date for grant applications for 2022-23 is rolling through the 2022-2023 school year until funds are exhausted. Applications will be reviewed as they are accepted and the applicant will receive and answer within 3-5 business days.

Applications are now received online by filling out the application form below, rather than submitting your answers on a Word document. Both you and your administrator will receive a copy of the grant when it is submitted.

Please read the following guidelines carefully, as some requirements have changed.

EEF Guiding Principles for Grant Funding
For the current year, EEF is prioritizing applications that promote the following:
– These requests should be able to cover basic needs (think Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs) for an individual or subset of students, not whole classrooms. They assume school and district funding sources have been exhausted prior to application.
–District requests must come from Wraparound staff, Student Services staff, Student Wellness and School Safety staff, Health staff, social worker or behavior specialists, or other district counselors and psychologists
–Building requests must come from a school counselor or administrator

For questions or technical assistance:
Contact EEF at 541-790-7744 or

Application Process

Building Applications:

  • Applications must be submitted online. 
  • Building applications may apply for grants in any amount.
  • Please Note: Applications will be sent to the applicant, EEF, and the Principal and/or administrator of your school.

District-Level Applications:

  • Applications must be submitted online.
  • District-level programs may apply for grants in any amount. These are grants that often provide funding for a number of students across multiple schools.

All Urgent Needs Applications:

 Urgent requests are unplanned needs that cannot wait for the standard application review period.

Urgent requests will be evaluated within 5 business days and be evaluated using different criteria from our standard process.