We are delighted to announce our grants for the 2021-2022 school year!

Name of October 2021 GrantSchoolAmount Awarded
Programmable DronesArts and Technology Academy$ 4,000.00
The Social-Emotional Learning and Healing Power of ArtArts and Technology Academy$ 5,000.00
Get them reading – all else followsArts and Technology Academy$ 2,000.00
BrainPOP SubscriptionAwbrey Park Elementary School$1,755.47
Scholastic Classroom MagazineAwbrey Park Elementary School$ 3,244.53
Arte en Segundo gradoBuena Vista Elementary$ 860.00
BVPO Amity Support GrantBuena Vista Elementary$ 5,000.00
Material Support for BIPOC Affinity GroupCesar Chavez Elementary School$ 500.00
OBOB booksCesar Chavez Elementary School$ 700.00
Diverse Books for ClassroomsCesar Chavez Elementary$ 4,507.00
STEM Projects for 5th Graders!Cesar Chavez Elementary$ 150.00
Tribal History – Shared History BooksCharlemagne Elementary$ 650.00
Literacy Materials OverhaulCharlemagne Elementary$ 4,500.00
Chess for Winston Churchill High SchoolChurchill High School$461.60
Lab Notebooks for Science and Engineering PracticesChurchill High School$ 832.92
Digital Language LearningChurchill High School$ 1,885.00
For the Love of ReadingEdison Elementary$ 4,000.00
Zen ZoneEdison Elementary$ 1,000.00
SEL/Diversity Library and Calming ResourcesEdison Elementary$ 2,000.00
PE equipmentEugene Education Options (ECCO)$ 5,000.00
Career CertificationsEugene Education Options (ECCO)$ 3,000.00
Clothing ClosetEugene Education Options (ECCO)$ 1,000.00
ABC ART – Art Beat in the CommunityEugene Online Academy$ 3,789.15
Gilham Houses…a place for care and connectionGilham Elementary$ 4,600.00
INSPIRING SELF REGULATIONHolt Elementary$ 2,724.89
Fill the Book Machine!Holt Elementary$ 3,128.00
Books for Howard: Library Books & Books for Book MachineHoward Elementary$5,000.00
Voice Amplifiers for Theater Arts StudentsKelly Middle School$ 300.00
Book Love: Instilling a Love of Reading in Middle SchoolKennedy Middle School$ 2,500.00
Yoga in PEKennedy Middle School$ 1,274.89
New Instruments for generations to comeKennedy Middle School$ 4,622.00
Culturally Representative and Inclusive Social-Emotional & Social Justice LibraryMcCornack Elementary$ 3,000.00
Self-Regulation LibraryMcCornack Elementary$ 2,000.00
NEHS Library Nonfiction Renewal!North Eugene High School$ 5,000.00
Digging through our privilege through booksNorth Eugene High School$ 4,839.60
Physical Education Class SuppliesNorth Eugene High School$ 5,000.00
Caught ReadingRiver Rd/Camino del Rio$ 1,500.00
Calming CornersRiver Rd/Camino del Rio$ 1,500.00
SHS Graphing Calculator Loan ProgramSheldon High School$ 1,500.00
Maniken in Clay Learning Systems, Professional Development and Student ResourcesSheldon High School$ 1,542.00
Simple Healthy Cooking for LifeSheldon High School$ 3,800.00
PCR machine for biology labsSouth Eugene High School$ 1,145.00
Science Demonstration tableSouth Eugene High School$ 5,000.00
Equipment for Maker Space ClassSpencer Butte Middle School$ 4,900.00
Supporting Students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing: Accessibility and Inclusiveness TrainingSpring Creek Elementary$ 1,500.00
Inchy the BookwormTwin Oaks Elementary$ 500.00
360 Degree Virtual/Immersive Media for Student Engagement and ParticipationDistrict$ 1,000.00
Learning and Creating Community through Books and PlayDistrict$ 1,000.00
Sensory Motor CircuitDistrict$ 2,100.00
Critical Communication for Unhoused Students/FamiliesDistrict$ 5,000.00
Hey Eugene, come on back to school! (reducing chronic absenteeism through incentives)District$ 5,000.00
Community Based Instruction AdventuresDistrict$ 2,664.00
 Total$ 139,591.05
Name of February 2022 GrantSchoolAmount Awarded
Electronic Music Foundational Equity FundArts and Technology Academy$ 5,000.00
BIPOC Graphic Novels to Nurture Love of ReadingArts and Technology Academy$ 1,144.00
2nd Grade Class Book SetsAwbrey Park Elementary$ 2,250.00
Social & Criminal Justice Literature Circle BooksCal Young Middle School$ 2,536.39
Clay Projects for Art Students at Cal YoungCal Young Middle School$ 3,000.00
Adapted Books for the Inclusive Instruction of Diverse LearnersCesar Chavez Elementary$ 865.00
Digital Learning tools for Foreign Language LearningChurchill High School$ 1,000.00
VEX Robotics V5 UpdateChurchill High School$ 5,014.29
Microscope Slide Sets for BiologyChurchill High School$ 1,891.00
Diverse Phonics Readers for Title 1 StudentsEdison Elementary$ 700.00
Book LoveEugene IHS$ 5,000.00
PE RecessHoward Elementary School$ 5,000.00
Supporting Horizontal Articulation in MS Language ArtsKelly Middle School$ 1,000.00
High Quality Instruments for Amazing StudentsKennedy Middle School$ 2,500.00
Dictionaries and Thesauruses for a 6th Grade ClassroomMadison Middle School$ 265.94
McCornack Elementary STEM Maker Space MaterialsMcCornack Elementary$ 3,500.00
FLEX Supports and EnrichmentsMonroe Middle School$ 4,500.00
Eastern Hemisphere Country ProjectMonroe Middle School$ 578.00
North FCNorth Eugene High School$ 4,922.00
Reading Great BooksRiver Rd/Camino del Rio$ 1,500.00
Pathway Project: Lego RoboticsRoosevelt Middle School$ 2,300.00
Keep RMS Strumming & HummingRoosevelt Middle School$ 2,500.00
Critical Analysis Racial Justice in the American Legal SystemSheldon High School$ 200.00
Vernier GoDirect Sensor ProbesSpencer Butte Middle School$ 4,098.00
C-Stand Swing for Spring Creek Elementary SchoolSpring Creek Elementary$ 5,160.00
Celebrate Diversity with Culturally Responsive Literature in our LibraryTwin Oaks Elementary$ 2,250.00
Books for Struggling ReadersDistrict$ 5,000.00
Conscious Discipline Materials for K-1 TeachersDistrict$ 10,000.00
Total$ 83,674.62
Name of Urgent Needs GrantSchoolAmount Awarded
Weekend SnackpacksMcCornack Elementary$ 2,826.00
Individual Student InterventionDistrict$ 3,600.00
Individual Student InterventionDistrict$ 7,200.00
Supporting Student Success during OSASCesar Chavez Elementary$ 706.00
Bicycle Locks and Lights for Families in NeedDistrict$ 900.00
Total$ 15,232.00
Name of Rosie’s Fund GrantSchoolAmount Awarded
Counselor Curriculum/ Social Emotional Learning CurriculumCharlemagne Elementary$ 2,000.00
Individual Family Intervention$ 2,820.00
Individual Family Intervention$ 1,500.00
Staff TrainingDistrict$ 25,000.00
Individual Family Intervention$ 1,522.00
Total$ 32,842.00
All 2021-2022 GrantsTotal$ 243,317.67