What is the relationship between EEF and School District 4J?

As the Foundation for 4J, EEF is the standalone not-for-profit responsible for receiving and administering hundreds of private gifts each year, and then disbursing those gifts according to donor intent or in support of the aims of the district. We support all schools in 4J.

Public education is supposed to be free. Why do we need to fund schools in Eugene?

While Eugene School District 4J has a rich history of excellence in education, public financing alone can no longer provide all of the opportunities that students across our district need and deserve. In order to maintain and build the academic excellence of our schools—which in turn strengthens our community, builds our economy, and ensures the next generation of leaders and innovators—we must seek out additional funding.

When I make a donation to my child’s school through EEF, the Foundation takes 10%. Why is that? 

Every year, EEF facilitates school-based and parent-led fundraising across the district, and processes hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations. We do this as the district’s 501(c)(3)—we provide all of the professional services necessary to securely steward these funds. Only 5% of your donation goes toward these services. The other 5% is returned directly to schools though our grants, and allows us to impact all schools across the district, even those that have less capacity to fundraise for their own needs.

Why should I make a gift to EEF’s general fund and to the endowment?

Donations to both the general fund and the endowment are crucial to EEF’s work. Donations to the general fund allow us to make annual grants to schools and district programs. Gifts to the endowment not only allow for the funding of annual programs, but also ensure that the enrichment and access programs we fund can continue for generations.