Each year, EEF funds over $130,000 in grants to schools and district-wide programs.

For the 2016-2017, we are pleased to fund the following grants:

School Proposal Title  Granted Amount
District Level District-Wide Music for Grades 3-12 $5,000.00
District Level Miles of Smiles: Children are Healthy & Ready to Learn $5,000.00
District Level Inferencing to Promote Student Success $1,035.00
District Level Supplies, Fees, & Shoes for Homeless Students $3,000.00
District Level Middle School Science Probes $4,797.00
District Level Transportation for McKinney-Vento Homeless Students $2,000.00
Adams Elementary Engaging Non-Fiction Reading $2,000.00
Adams Elementary Get Out and Grow! $1,740.00
Awbrey Park Elementary ORegon Battle of the Books $500.00
Awbrey Park Elementary Artist in Residence $2,000.00
Buena Vista Elementary Junior Achievement–BizTown $2,000.00
Buena Vista Elementary Oregon Battle of the Books $500.00
Camas Ridge Elementary Marine Biology–In the Classroom and Beyond! $1,802.00
Camas Ridge Elementary Outdoor School Scholarships $1,000.00
Charlemagne Elementary Artist in Residence $2,000.00
Charlemagne Elementary Tap Touche–Keyboarding in French $390.00
Charlemagne Elementary French Books, Kindle Edition $499.33
Chavez Elementary Out & About: Experiencing Our Community $2,000.00
Chavez Elementary Child Protection Skills–taught by our teachers, for our students $500.00
Chavez Elementary Robotics for Elementary Schools $2,000.00
Chavez Elementary Oregon Battle of the Books $500.00
Corridor Elementary Children’s Theater 2017 $2,000.00
Corridor Elementary Blues in the Schools: Artist in Residence $1,000.00
Edgewood Elementary Math Intervention $2,000.00
Edgewood Elementary Outdoor School Transportation $500.00
Edgewood Elementary Scholarships for After School Programs $500.00
Family School Science & Art Through Technology $2,000.00
Family School Peer Mediation $500.00
Family School School Garden Project $500.00
Gilham Elementary Kendama Jam $500.00
Gilham Elementary Building Character with Kelso $500.00
Gilham Elementary Extending Learning Field Trips $2,000.00
Holt Elementary Adaptive Tools for Safe Sitting $500.00
Holt Elementary Zumba for Kids $2,000.00
Holt Elementary Adaptive Tools $500.00
Holt Elementary Adaptive Technology $2,000.00
Howard Elementary A Day at OMSI $2,000.00
Howard Elementary Reading at Home Incentive Program $500.00
Howard Elementary Full STEM Ahead! $2,000.00
McCornack Elementary For the Love of Reading $500.00
McCornack Elementary Oregon Battle of the Books $500.00
McCornack Elementary Fifth Grade Musical $2,000.00
River Road/El Camino Elementary Bilingual Library Boost  $2,000.00
River Road/El Camino Elementary IXL Software: Math Achievement Multiplied $2,025.00
Spring Creek Elementary Opening Minds to Oceanography $2,000.00
Twin Oaks Elementary Let’s Record What We Know! $2,000.00
Willagillespie Elementary Arist in Residence $2,000.00
Willagillespie Elementary Math & Science Night $500.00
Willagillespie Elementary School Garden Project $500.00
Yujin Gakuen Elementary Technology Upgrades for 1st & 3rd Grade Classrooms $3,000.00
Churchill High 9th Grade Global Geography Textbooks $2,000.00
Churchill High Robotics Controllers $2,000.00
Churchill High Cuts Like a Knife $500.00
Churchill High Marine Biology Aquarium/Hatfield Center Field Trip $500.00
Churchill High Engineering Certificate Scholarship $500.00
ECCO High Extended Learning Options  $2,000.00
ECCO High NCRC Ceremonies $1,500.00
ECCO High Outdoor Leadership Academy Phase II $2,000.00
Eugene International HS Improving Computer Access for Students $3,000.00
North Eugene High Audio Support for Reading Literacy $500.00
North Eugene High Junior Service Learning Day $1,500.00
North Eugene High AVID 9th & 10th Grade Visitations to SOU & Ashland $1,500.00
North Eugene High 2017 Junior Team Building Trip $1,500.00
Sheldon High Disadvantaged Youth/English Language Learners iPad Minis, Cases, & Apps $2,000.00
Sheldon High Digital Photo Printer $2,000.00
Sheldon High American History Map Replacement $500.00
South Eugene High 3D Printing Comes to South! $2,000.00
South Eugene High Graphing Calculators $550.00
South Eugene High Tablets for Math $2,000.00
Arts & Technology Academy ATA Band Instrument Growth Fund $2,000.00
Arts & Technology Academy 3rd Annual STEMposium (2017) $2,000.00
Arts & Technology Academy Performing Arts $500.00
Cal Young Middle DreamBox for 6th Graders $2,000.00
Cal Young Middle Oregon Battle of the Books $2,000.00
Kelly Middle MyAccess Online Writing $2,000.00
Kelly Middle AVID: Connecting to College $2,000.00
Kelly Middle MP3 Players for Home Reading Development $500.00
Kennedy Middle Opening Doors to Opportunity (AVID) $2,000.00
Kennedy Middle Music for Choir $2,000.00
Madison Middle AVID $2,000.00
Madison Middle Middle School Science Fair $500.00
Madison Middle Stand Up Desks $500.00
Monroe Middle Oregon Battle of the Books $500.00
Monroe Middle Science and MORE $500.00
Monroe Middle Transforming Science Classes into STEM Labs $2,000.00
Spencer Butte Middle Mentorship $2,000.00
Spencer Butte Middle Student Equity Library $500.00
Total Granted:  $       132,338.33