EEF Receives $25,000 from Eugene Hearing and Speech Center Closure

IMG_1201The Eugene Education Foundation is proud to announce a $25,000 gift from the closure of the Eugene Hearing and Speech Center. The mission of the Eugene Hearing and Speech Center was “To provide the highest quality evaluation, treatment, education and advocacy for individuals with communication disorders,” and School District 4J was recognized because of our adherence to that mission and our outstanding work for students with communication challenges.

Katie Mason, Speech-Language Pathologist with 4J, says, “EHSC was a fixture in the Eugene community for decades, positively impacting families and children to encourage growth in communication skills and providing an affordable avenue to resources.  Our 4J Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) group collaborated with their speech language pathologists and audiologists to make the best possible treatment plans for families for many, many years.  We remember their therapists with great fondness and wholeheartedly support the mission of the agency to provide access to effective, evidence-based treatment to families. The SLP group is honored to carry on this mission with this generous contribution.  We will be able to update and add to the evidence-based materials we can use with clients.  In addition, we wish to provide ongoing meaningful, targeted professional development for our SLPs to encourage the spirit of collaboration, sharing of ideas and remaining current in an ever-changing professional field.”

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