EEF Annual {Virtual} Gala Update

On April 27, we hosted A Brighter Future: our first virtual event, which replaced our annual in-person gala. While we were nervous about the unknowns of hosting an event in a completely different way, we were confident that the community would still show up to support public education in Eugene, and you did!  To date, we have raised over $87,000, far surpassing our goal of $75,000!  

Throughout the live stream (which was so well emceed by Celeste Edman), we shared stories about how we helped make learning happen during a very challenging year.  We will be sharing those videos again, over the upcoming months, via emails and social media posts.  A link to the video featuring 4J Superintendent Cydney Vandercar’s gala address is included below.  

Also included below is what I refer to as EEF’s Honor Roll: lists of the organizations and individuals who helped us to surpass our event goal.  There is still time to add your name to the list!  Follow this link to help support a brighter future for 4J students.  Your donations help us to fill in the gaps through our annual grants, providing opportunities that keep students engaged and excited about learning.  We shine brighter together! 


Dana Fleming
Executive Director